Doing Daith Piercing For Migraine The Right way

There Is No Cure for a migraine.Then What about Daith piercing for migraine? Will it work?

Let’s see how to daith can help your a migraine


Look at below numbers….

-38million suffering in the USA and one billion worldwide

-12% of the population suffers from a migraine.

-18% American Women an experience migraine.

-Age 25-55 most common in a migraine

-The bad news is a migraine tends to run in families; hence 90% sufferers have a family history of a migraine.

Suffers looking for many ways to heal the pain including piercing

Today let’s talk about piercing for migraines.

Migraine attacks are a nightmare for anyone to have experienced. Therefore, people are ready to try anything to get rid of the pain. Piercing for a migraine has reached its peak becoming a trend among a lot of sufferers as a treatment remedy in the recent past.

And I have had Bad Experience with A migraine-

I went to bed with an attack of a migraine and woke up with the same. It was horrible as I had it all day and almost every day I have had a headache!! It has been extremely horrible where I just lay in the bed being unable to perform any daily chores. I experienced horrendous vomiting, blurry vision, and numbness

What is Migraine?

A migraine is nothing but a headache. It is characterized by a severe headache which usually appears as a high-intensity pain at the front or side of the head. It often causes nausea, vomiting and occasionally the sufferers experience hypersensitivity to light or sound.

However, doctors still aren’t able to give an exact cure to help the migraine patients. Research on migraine indicates that it attacks 2.5 times higher in women than men. People will try anything to rid themselves of the pain.

Why Migraine?

There are many reasons for a migraine. If you browse the internet you would find tons of reason for a migraine. However, it differs from person to person.

Here are some common reasons why anyone experiences a migraine.

  • Food – Salty food and processed food may trigger a migraine. Studies reveal that these foods can cause migraine attacks. Eg: sugar, preserved meat, Hot dogs, Cheese, Sausages, Artificial Food additives. Irregular meal patterns, such as skipping meals and lack of water intake (dehydration) also has shown an onset of migraine attacks.


  • Drinks- Red Wine and Highly caffeinated beverages, Soft drinks, Coffee may trigger migraines.(Especially Red wine)


  • Physical Factors- Intense physical Exertion, sexual activity, and Stress may provoke migraines. Also, menstrual cycle and cervical pressure have lead to migraine attacks to some people. Change in sleep patterns- Missing sleep or getting too much can cause migraines.


  • Environmental factors – Change In weather, Bright lights, Loud sounds, Strong smells



How does a migraine Begin

  • Irritability
  • Feeling of tiredness or lethargy
  • Excessive yawning
  • Stiff neck
  • Food craving/Aversion
  • changes in the bowel movement


If you find above symptoms with you look for a treatment remedy or avoid migraine causes. At least stay in a dark, silent room which will avoid migraines.


Any Treatment?

There are many treatment strategies used by medical practitioners to treat a migraine. These include prescription medicine,  Botox injections, ear lobe stimulation, and essential oils.

Also, there is Reflexology therapy available for migraines.

Eastern and western remedies

Also, you can heal a migraine by listening to Delta binaural beats (But this is not suitable for everyone)

Earlier doctors even recommended stapling part of the ear for relief. And the latest trend is ear piercing with the hope of being rid of the migraine pain.

This piercing is nothing but the Daith piercing for migraine.


What Is Daith Piercing Healing?

There has been an immense attraction towards Daith piercing over the past years. Daith piercing is a piercing of the inner most cartilage of the ear fold. It is believed that daith piercing for migraine gives relief to the pain. Daith piercing is a hard piercing, as it is tucked inside the ear.

The theory behind daith piercing for migraine is based on targeting the specific pressure point which is as same as in acupuncture. There have been a lot of comments and questions on this regard.

Though there is no medical evidence to support the theory, many migraine sufferers have pierced their ears in search of relief.  As people will try anything to rid themselves of the pain, daith piercing for migraine pain has taken a new turn in the recent past as a cure to the sufferers.


Does the Daith piercing for a migraine really give positive results?

If you are getting the piercing as a “Cure” for your migraine pain, please understand that there is ZERO scientific proof. What people say is, it can be different to each other. It seems to have helped many people. On the other hand, it hasn’t given any relief to some people.

Any piercer who says they can cure your migraine should be ashamed of themselves for preying on vulnerable people.

Because Piercer can’t make any promise regarding daith piercing healing

Reviews on daith piercing for a migraine indicate, both positive and negative results. It is mainly depending on the cause for the migraine attack of the individual.

Let’s look at the pain level of daith piercing


Tips for Daith Piercing for migraines

  • Do not use old piercing.
  • Check what is the Jewelry metal (some metal can bring allergies)
  • Use correct jewelry size. Otherwise, it can lead to an infection.
  • Choose professional body piercer (Not a Tattoo Shop).You can this app for finding professional body piercers near you.
  • Show your Jewelry to the piercer and get his idea about the jewelry.
  • Ask piercer for after care advice and follow them.

Does daith piercing hurt?

The answer is, Yes and also, No.

It again depends on different peoples experiences. But according to most of the comments and feedback, they said it was not as painful as expected.

According to pain scale,  daith piercing pain level is 3-5 out of 10. According to my experience, I would give 4 out of 10.

However, you would still you find people say like this,

“The worst pain for a piercing. I have such a high pain tolerance, but this one really did it. My nipples were about a 3/10 and my daith was an 11/10.”


daith piercing jeweler

There are different designs available in the market. Popular is silver plated piercing.

Different shapes available according to customers choice. I would suggest you look for good quality clean piercing.Because you are going to wear it in very sensitive part in your body. Also, avoid wearing the daih piercing with small stones. There are chances stones can fall down from daith jewelry and go into your ear.

I will show you real users in daith piercing pictures in next section.



daith piercing pictures

I would like to add few snapshots of users. And they got positive improvement out of it.

Look at them and choose what is good for you.Some of them use daith piercing for migraine.





Daith Heart Jewelry

Many sufferers wears daith piercing for migraine.But the shapes are different.Heart shaped daith is in good trends.It has a unique look and it comes with cool designs.Purchased one of heart daith and I love it. The price was 25$ and it has good quality.I suggest you that when you buy any daith with stones, you need to pay more attention to little stones in it.If they don’t fix well, I can fall down into your ear.



daith piercing aftercare

After the piercing there are some cases reported that it did not get healed properly.

And people who have sensitive skin make the scenario worse. The piercing will give a pain and itchiness, but eventually till it gets healed.

After the piercing, it would take at least few months to heal. You may try the following steps to aid the healing process.

  • Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Do not sleep on piece side
  • Don’t put pressure on piercing
  • Don’t touch it with hand
  • Apply lavender oil or tea leave oil on skin
  • Do not switch the jewelry for 4 months.


Daith piercing can lead to infections? Let’s talk about that


Daith piercing infection

YES ! It can lead to an infection.Many want wear daith piercing for migraine but they afraid about infection.

Infections are very common. These infections are usually caused by bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Also, poor piercing and personal hygiene can lead to infection Such as piercing with dirty hands, using unsterilized piercing equipment, Using dirty contaminated bedding etc,

You need to identify the infection soon as possible.

How do you know piercing is actually infected? These are some tips to identifying an infection

  • Any discharge from piercing site
  • Swelling, bruising, tenderness
  • Pain and aching
  • Abscess and bumps
  • Bleeding
  • Fever, Nausea, Chills, and loss of function.
  • Purple and discolored skin

If you find it is infected with above signs you better return to the body piercer and show them.If they are professional piercer they should know what can be done.

But don’t try to remove the piercing until You go to piercer or doctor.



How Do You Get Rid Of Keloids?

Piercing can get keloids.Daith piercing for migraine users Use antibacterial soap to wash it. Use it about two times a day and get some sea salt spray. Also, apply some lavender oil and tea tree oil. More likely it’s not a keloid,  it’s a hypertrophic scar. keloids usually need to be surgically removed



daith piercing for migraines reviews

It has more good reviews saying that piercing for a migraine is successful and it has helped many people to be rid of the migraine pain.

According to Migrain The anonymous survey proved Just under half (47%) of respondents found a reduction in the frequency of their migraines after wearing the daith piercing. For 48% of respondents, the largest group, migraines stayed the same.


What I understood Is Migraines triggers differ each other and the treatment also different from the sufferer. It depends on sufferer that migraine for piercing will provide a solution to them or not.


Hope this little article can add something to your life.Please share your idea, experience, knowledge about the daith piercing for migraines.That can be useful for people who suffer from migraines.