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Daith Piercing Migraine Study (Can Daith Reduce The Migraine Pain?)

It is a big argument on social media regarding daith piercing for a migraine.

There is no scientific proves that daith can heal a migraine.

But many sufferers claimes that they got positive results and some says it doesn’t work.


This is facebook research related to daith piercing for a migraine.

Lest see what really it says from a users point of view.

Here is some positive feedback we receive

Daith Piercing Migraine Study


Here are negative feedbacks saying that didn’t work for them.

Most sufferers say daith help them to improve. Some say No.

If you are migraine sufferer we suggest you try the daith.Until you try you can’t guess the result.



List Of foods and drinks that Cause Migraine

Food that triggers migraine

Here is the list of foods that can cause a migraine.But its depend on personality.


You can notice here food that has tyramin and coumarin most of the time cause the migraine.




3-Chocolate – Caffeine



6-Chile pepper –capsaicin


8-Dried Fruits –Sulfites


10-Red plums-Tyramin

11-Banana –Tyramin and Histamin

12-Cytrus fruits – Tyramin and Histamin

13-Salty Foods –Sodium

14-Ice cream –Cold can trigger migraine

15-Yeast bread –Coumarin



18-Hot dogs-Tyramin

19-Sluhshies- Cold can trigger migraine


21-Aged Cheese (feta,blue cheese)-Tryamin

22-Whole milk-Choline

23-Food with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

24-Pickels –Tyramin

25-Navy Beans

26-Kidney Beans

27-string beans

28-Soft Pretzels-Coumarin

29-Processed Meat –Tyramin

30-Artficial Sweetner- Excitotoxins


Ocular Migraine –How to prevent (special scenarios)

Ocular migraine has different names and those are
• Retinal migraine – recognized by the International Headache Society
• Migraine with aura – recognized by the International Headache Society
• Ophthalmic migraine
• Optic migraine

50-60% women suffer from a migraine and its extremely common issue.And age 35-55 more often get a migraine.

Read more Migraine Stats


An ocular migraine will effect eyesight of the sufferer.That can disturb driving, reading, and school works.An ocular migraine is a sign of that you might get a headache sooner.It might remain 30 seconds or more than that.

Should I worry?
An ocular migraine is not serious and it doesn’t harm.Even you don’t get any pain or a headache.But it’s recommended visiting a doctor.The reason is if you are going to get regularly and if you are driving behind the wheel it can cause danger.
Let’s see the few symptoms

  • • Temporary blurry vision
    • Seeing bright spots
    • Seeing floating lines
    • Seeing shimmering, colored or flickering lights
    • Seeing zigzagged lines or different patterns
    • Changes often occur in just one eye
    • On very rare occasions, the vision change is permanent

What Causes an ocular migraine

There is not an exact reason revealed for an ocular migraine.But researchers believe that symptoms are caused by a short-lived reduction in blood flow, which might be caused by a spasm in the blood vessels


Ocular Migraine Pregnancy
During a pregnancy headache or visual problem will not remain longer for most of the pregnant women.But first, three months of a pregnancy migraine can go worst as well.Morning sickness will come including a migraine.
When women who get an ocular migraine during pregnancy its advisable to stay in a dark and quiet room, get enough rest, use cold compressed, drink enough water.

An ocular migraine after giving birth
There are chances that mother can get a migraine after birth.Some mothers can get bad attacks as well.That’s because of a sudden drop in estrogen level after the birth.
Lack of sleep, low blood sugar, exhaustion, and dehydration can cause a migraine after the birth.

Ocular Migraine Prevention
A temporary migraine can heal by medicine. But let we will see what we can do naturally to prevent an ocular migraine.

  • • Get good sleep and rest
    • Drink enough water
    • Do not face computer screen for long hours and try to have breaks in between.
    • Avoid wine and chocolates
    • Manage the stress.(meditation is the best)
    • Exercise

Essential Oil for an ocular migraine
Let’s see what we can do quickly when you get a migraine attack. Instead of swallowing tablets its always recommend to have external medications such as applying oils. Here are few oils that work for a migraine

  • • Rosemary oil
    • Lavender oil
    • Lemongrass oil
    • Bay leaf oil
    • Basil


A migraine can’t heal completely but it can control.Balance lifestyle can bring control the migraine very well.Try to maintain balance lifestyle for your betterment.