Cluster Headache Vs Migraine- Read Before You Get Treatments (2018)


Cluster Headache Vs Migraine is a common talk among sufferers who looking for treatment.Most of you out there think every a cluster headache is a migraine. Both start with a pain In your head. But they are not the same. And need to treat them in different ways.
Let us have an insight into the differences between a cluster headache and migraine.



  • A cluster headache has the characteristic of stabbing pain.
  • A migraine has characteristic of deep throbbing and pulsating pain





  • A cluster headache is usually unilateral and located near eye on the affected side.
  • A migraine is located around the temple of the eye.


  • A cluster headache more common in men   
  • A migraine more common in Women


  • A cluster headache gives a runny nose, red watery eyes and rarely causes vomiting or nausea.
  • A migraine rarely gives a runny nose and red watery eyes. But vomiting and nausea are common with a migraine.


Pain type

  • A cluster headache gives an extremely severe pain.
  • A migraine gives a pain ranging from moderate to quite severe.


Duration of the pain

  • Cluster headache onsets in short time (peaks within 45 mins) and may last for maximum 4 hours.
  • A migraine lasts longer than any a headache, anywhere from 4 hours to several days.

Medicinal relief

  • A normal painkiller can give a relief to cluster a headache in less than half an hour.
  • A migraine will give no or minimal impact even after several painkillers and after many long hours.



  • A cluster headache is clubbed with breathing issues through the nostril on the side of the pain.
  • A migraine rarely clubs breathing issues.


Sensitivity to light & sound

  • A cluster migraine gets better when listening to some soft music.
  • Migraine sufferers are sensitive to light and sound. Hence prefers to be in a dark and quiet environment.


Post headache symptoms

  • A cluster headache gives complete recovery to the person after a headache vanishes.
  • Migraine sufferers may experience many other symptoms after a headache is over, such as fatigue and weakness which could last for few hours or few days.

If you are sufferer we suggest you read more about cluster headache treatments.

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